We help you deliver on your vision through a proven set of strategy, design, and execution services.  As your partner, our goal is to help you successfully drive new product innovation regardless of your market's landscape or your organizational structure.  

Our success in 17+ verticals with more than 230 clients has helped us rigorously refine our Core Innovation Framework.  Also, it has revealed that each client's needs are surprisingly unique.  Out-dated "cookie-cutter approaches" do not work in modern organizations.  

We match each of your projects with the needed processes, capabilities, tools, and ongoing support to successfully deliver the outcomes you want.  Our pristine track-record is a result of our heavy investment in pioneering technologies and core competencies that are relevant to your objectives.  With them, we're free to flexibly surface critical capabilities as each step of your project demands them.


PRODUCT management

As a key-contributor, we’ll help establish your innovation pipeline.  Working collaboratively, we’ll implement modules of the Core Innovation Framework that match your unique needs. We'll help to identify and prioritize your biggest opportunities. We'll help you implement a process that is powerful, approachable, and dramatically increases your team’s velocity.  We'll help provide actionable cross-departmental clarity that will ensure your project avoids stalls, is free from overruns, and achieves objectives.


Even a great process will produce terrible results with the wrong inputs.  Through our pioneering approach of qual-to-quant user research, we’ll help you understand the barriers that prevent people from using your product, which segments are actual opportunities, and which insights are critical to execution.  Never worry about wasting time solving the wrong problem (or no problem) again.  Bring a newfound sense of clarity and purpose into your projects and watch team-velocity reach world-changing levels.

Rapid Prototyping

We help you quickly translate breakthrough concepts into real-world experiences that stakeholders, customers, and domain experts can interact with.  You’ll immediately which concepts will deliver broad-market impact, and stop wasting time on projects that will never get traction.  Focusing on the correct level of fidelity for each design challenge, we’ll help you iteratively move from “no fidelity prototypes” to pixel-perfect high-fidelity interactive experiences that are indistinguishable from fully-built products.



Unlike traditional “blue sky” ideation - our HIT Ideation process produces a breadth of concepts your customers actually want to use.  Armed with the insights generated during our needs analysis phase, HIT was built to intentionally produce innovative new concepts that are Disruptive, Differentiated, and Defensible (the D3 Advantage).  It’s energetic, inspiring, and will change the way your teams think about concept generation.


Leveraging our award-winning user model, we’ll help you design immersive customer experiences that reinforce your value at every touchpoint.  Stop wondering why “customers don’t use your product”, and start differentiationg your products with experiences that customers won’t be able to put down.  Learn more about our pioneering work creating multi-reality experiences in our VR/AR Lab.

User Interface / HCI

Being “usable” is not enough. Today's markets demand more.  Our UI/HCI design capabilities will help you build beautiful interfaces that transform how customers interact with your product.  We’ll help you overcome the 7-types of barriers that plague user-engagement.  Not stopping there, we’ll help you harness motivational, game, and Spark mechanics to establish compulsion loops that keep customers coming back.  


Unlike traditional approaches that validate late in the development process (or worse, in the market), our approach expedites user-centric validation as early as possible.  Through a mix of rapid prototyping, 1-on-1 customer interviews, and usability testing we are able to identify where a concept shines, and where it falls apart. You’ll know exactly how successful a product will be in the market, before spending a dollar on development or commercialization.


If your organization doesn’t have internal development resources, or they are tasked to different assignments - we can help execute your vision with our internal teams. Our full-stack engineers help you move quickly through each phase of commercialization.  Alternatively, we can manage execution with your existing resources or external vendors to facilitate your development process end-to-end.  We’ll help ensure your product is built right, the first time.

Skill development

We help you invest in your biggest asset through advisement, workshop facilitation, and mentorship. Using our established frameworks, we help augment your existing resources with the transformative tools they need to compete in today's turbulent markets.  After discussing your teams challenges and goals, we can conduct on-site training with one of our established curriculums or design a custom-tailored program to address your unique objectives.