The methodology behind our Experience Design Framework provides an empowering vision of product design for the modern world. It brings unmet needs to life in a powerfully vivid way - making seemingly complex problems simple again. It gives you the creative freedom to envision even the most disruptive ideas. And, the rigor needed to bring them into reality. 

Through more than 1500 projects and 14 years of painstaking iteration, we have worked rigorously to perfect a framework that delivers product innovation consistently. It empowers us to understand markets in new ways, ideate with an unprecedented level of freedom, and harness innovative concepts into products that are Disruptive, Defensible, and Differentiated.

Modetwo’s approach was instrumental in developing our product portfolio, designing the User Experiences of our new products, as well as transforming the look of our existing ones. It exceeded my expectations and would make a great asset to any organization.
— Shunsuke Ambo, CEO, Kanematsu

We believe the best process is the one you can actually use - and our Core Innovation Framework was designed specifically with this in mind.

Unlike traditional approaches, which are criticized for lacking real structure, being "fuzzy", or placing impossible demands on your organization - the Core Innovation Framework's fundamentally distinct approach was developed to address these key issues. We have designed it from the ground up, pioneering a qual-to-quant methodology that harnesses your creative freedoms, while providing the needed structure to keep you moving forward. Additionally, it is built to be flexibly adaptable to the unique requirements of each project and team. It employs a purpose-built set of customizable modules that work independently or in tandem to drive each phase of new concept incubation: unmet customer need assessment, outcome definition, opportunity-sizing, concept ideation, iterative rapid prototyping, validation, the de-risking commercialization, agile development, and category design.

The result - an exacting clarity, where there once was confusion.

KEY TO OUR approach:
THE Core Compulsion Loop Model

At the heart of our approach is a revolutionary user model we developed to understand, explain, and architect breakthrough user experiences in an entirely new way.

It will change how you think about user behavior, forever.
— Sebastiaan La'Bastide, Head of NCI, Diagnostics/Diabetes Care
Modetwo Core Compulsion Loop User Model - v7.32b (2016)

Modetwo Core Compulsion Loop User Model - v7.32b (2016)

A fundamental departure from traditional linear experience models and design processes, our approach deconstructs a user's experience down to, what's often called, an "atomic level" - bringing unmet needs to life in a powerfully vivid way.

As an analysis tool, it allows us to dismantle entire product categories with a level of depth never before possible. As a design tool, we are able to harness those insights to generatively construct user experiences that target key unmet customer needs with startling precision. 

What results is an unparalleled level of customer insight, and an ability to drive user behaviors so intentionally - that it makes most other "product work" entirely irrelevant. Using this model, products and services have an almost addictive level of re-engagement built into every touchpoint.  

The approach has proven transformative for our clients and allowed us to create products with explosive growth, industry-beating retention, and unlock entirely new dimensions of customer value.

This is, without a doubt, the best User Experience Model I’ve ever seen, and we’ve worked with many very experienced people, opinion leaders, and subject matter experts.
— Marco De Polo, Roche

Accelerated design sprintS

If you're ready to invest in building a full innovation pipeline, we can help you implement it as end-to-end system. Often though, it's easier to demonstrate results to internal stakeholders prior to onboarding the rest of your team.

To address the demands of teams wanting to pilot our framework within their organizations - we have created the Accelerated Design Sprint. This dramatically accelerated intensive focuses on a key part of the innovation process - new concept validation. The Sprint provides a lightweight version of our full process, facilitated on-site with 3-9 members of your core team over the course of 5-days.

Results are every-bit as transformative as with our full Core Innovation Framework but without the operational overhead. Even outside of pilots, the process is used regularly to reinvigorate existing product portfolios, help get leadership teams "un-stuck", and prove out entirely new market categories as a part of our HIT ideation process.

It delivers an unprecedented level of value in a short timeframe, and provide stakeholders with a clear way to demonstrate value to their organizations before committing significant resources.